AFRICLEG seeks to provide expert analysis on Clean, Renewable and Sustainable Energy issues and the impacts of Climate Change in the African continent and also advocate for Sustainable energy for Africans.

  1. To create new income and clean business opportunities for the women and youths in Africa.
  2. To empower the poor to become useful in the society by providing them with Clean and Sustainable Energy technologies and business opportunities.
  3. To generates new clean job opportunities and financing for the jobless youths and women.
  4. To Provide children with solar lamps to enable them study after dark.
  5. To help provide Solar energy infrastructures to Community Health Centers to provide 24/7 lighting, hot water and enable them store life-saving vaccines and drugs.
  6. To Provide Solar energy tools to Government Schools to for both lighting and water.
  7. To provide clean cooking solutions to our women and reduce indoor pollution that leads to many deaths
  8. To make sure all households in Africa have access to clean energy
  9. To form clean energy policies and encourage the Governments adopt renewable energy technologies
  10. To educate the public on the issues and impacts of global warming and climate change in non-technical terms