Solarization of SMEs Kiosk in Africa”A way forward for SMEs in Africa – Concept of African Clean Energy Summit Group for ending energy poverty, creating massive jobs ending insurgency, ending migration, create wealth and enthrone sustainable livelihood in Africa


There is no doubt saying how rich Nigeria is in renewable energy resources which has not been explored and could bring about national transformation in the energy sector , job creation ,economic relief and above all less fossil polluted environment thereby reducing climate change effects. At present, this is contrary.

Most businesses in the continent of Africa obviously require adequate power supply to be functional especially the Small and medium-sized Enterprise (SMEs). Adequate power supply can be achieved through Solarization of kiosk and shops. Solarization of kiosk in Africa is an initiative of Africa Clean Energy Summit Group (ACESG) that is novel in this continent as it will require the transiting of all or part of the roof of kiosk and shops to solar panels for clean and sustainable energy generation. It has been observed that most SMEs require little but adequate supply of energy for their day-to-day activities yet they have been affected by this inadequacy which in no doubt has lowered the expectations to be derived from this sector and truncated their growth.

This study aims at improving the use of renewable energy to bring about a better environment for all, boost performance and commercial activity for SMEs through improvising of this solar kiosk thereby reducing the over-dependence on conventional power and other forms of power generation, that is, the use of generators for prolonged hours which is not sustainable and cost effective.

To achieve this, energy audit of the various shops and kiosk is on-going and categorised, the use of generators in terms of fuelling and maintenance will be monitored, the cost of solar panels and accessories is being estimated through the information obtained from the energy audit and the cost-benefit analysis will be estimated, and commence the retrofitting of SME Kiosks across the African continent beginning with Nigeria.

Africa Clean Energy Group  is hereby looking for strategic partners for this innovative concept to end energy poverty create massive jobs end insurgency, end forced migration and enthrone sustainable livelihood in Africa